Believe it or not this is not the first attempt at a blog!

25 07 2007

Indeed, this is the third blog i have started. I used to keep upto date with my first one, an MSN one which i still might bring back to life at some point. The other was an attempt to create one around a hobby of mine, airsofting. It either failed or i lost interest or the support on blogspot was so shite that i gave up. Either way blogs have also got me into trouble before, the great social interaction tool that is Facebook cost me my job, and is currently emptying my wallet and destroying my ego. Aside from that it was only E3 a couple of weeks ago, and everyone else in the world seems to have thought it was tosh…

Sony apparently beating Microsoft with two games…MGS 4….and Killzone 2. Both these games are high on my priority list (even though i cant afford a PS3) So is call of duty 4, so out of E3 i got my fix, trailers, demo’s and alike, everyone else (the Wiifags and Halotards) werent that impressed.

Harry Potter, and the silly bitch Rowling have been working my last nerve, all those people that stood outside bookshops in the rain would later drown (lol) as most of the UK was flooded.

 I see this as a sign from God, as it has been confirmed that nearly every household that was flooded contained at least one Harry Potter book….Only the Church remained untouched by the damage…

See your false god cant save you now  




One response

2 10 2007
Jasper Hamill

I am a journalist investigating internet privacy. What happened with Facebook that cost you your job? Are you in the UK?

My number is 0141 352 7267 if you would like to talk about it.


Big Issue Scotland

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