God Damn Log in Details…

7 08 2007

Something other than myself is trying to stop me blogging, i do believe its you…GOD. Your pissed because i still dont believe in you…bah….

Funny thing is when i dont have access to the blog something happens, like something so drastic i have no time for games or anything atm, well thats a lie in between trying to find another job and holding together a new relationship i have found the time to play


COD2 Big Red One


CSS and DODs

And have friends round and sort their lives out… for some reason  Christina Aguilera’s song ‘Candy Man’ got me playing world war II games, i think its because the video makes US service men of the 30’s and 40’s look like twats, so to avenge their appearence im waging the war against the Werhmacht….

Here is the video, its quite catchy….




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