Feeling like a sell out…

13 08 2007

Although the last post probably made as much sense as the post im writting now, i really do feel like this Job hunt is the most soul destroying thing that i have ever done. To join with the rat race will eliminate everything i had when i was ‘liberated’ from the stinking shit pit that was retail…If this next link doesnt sum it up them let me post it here…


 Or at least the last bit; “That Lipstick started to give them back their humanity”

As much as the nice guy was just trying to find me a job, i hated selling myself, my act of liberation was simply turned into a criminal offense, and then i sent an email praising the dude for his advice (i mean yes at least i will get another retail position) but i lied, i lied about being human and objecting to the conformity. Now im a capitalist, but ive just had a crisis of soul and moral fiber and i feel filthy…right now im going to go sleep and consider all this…anyway enjoy this last message a mate found on the net

 2253.jpg humanity.

Dont know what that hum is all about at the end there




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