I’d Feel Sick If…

19 08 2007

I’d have missed out buying jimmy Eat Worlds Album ‘Bleed America’ before it got changed (the change included changing the title of their popular track to ‘Salt, Sweat Sugar’ ) I mean wtf???

The Video posted above is a substitute for ‘A Praise Chorus’ simply because no good videos exist of it on youtube. Speaking of stuff that doesnt exist on youtube, why the fuck hasnt anyone posted Macross 25 ‘Frontier’ Stuff yet…thoughtless cunts. I’ve been waiting for the 18th like an old person waits for a Colostomy bag, i mean jesus christ would it hurt Japan if you could inform the rest of us fuckers as your plans…Tbh i dont care about the Idol or whether you’ve managed to dig up Yoko Kanno yet again, i just want high speed mecha designs plzkthxbibi. I really cant sleep atm, considering its fucking freezing outside, its boiling in here.




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