The Woman With Red Hair Who Stalks My Dreams…

22 08 2007

This has been happening alot lately, I dream that someone keeps sending me messages saying ‘I’m Waiting for you’, and its always this red headed woman who i’ve promised that i’ll meet up with someday, when i finally do she runs just out of sight…I wake up and go…WTF, usually blame the food ive been eating and then go back to drooling on my pillow. I roughly know what this dream means, and its been happening alot because i have stuff to work out, however its stuff thats on the bottom of the list…

Because i mainly need to find a job first. Hence the application with the MOD in London and some sort of Job with Oxford Uni. Alot of people i know are going through some stressful times, it will get harder before it gets better for most of us. Im going to go and sleep as im going to attempt a run at 5 in the morning, we shall see how that turns out.

Fave ad of mine atm




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