Did All The Shit That Happened In The Field Stay In The Field…?

24 08 2007

Because if it did, how come the ‘Nam’ Mark Baker exists, a lot of the tales inside seem to match the hollwood image painted of the war…you know the Oliver Stone and Coppala version of events that paint the whole conflict as a messy, drug induced nightmare. Where everyone comitted a MyLai Massacre and cut off ears, I’m not going to discredit peoples memories here, but did all that nightmarish shit really happen? Or was this just Vets living up to the public expectation that they were returning war criminals. Were these soldiers really conditioned by the media when they got back…I mean even Scifi stabs at these soldiers as war criminals (see an Xfiles episode in Season 2). 

 However, if its true that people like Calley (who was the only one convicted of Murder) were the staple population of the US Army, then this wasnt a war, it was Psycho Circus, what makes me question what happened is that the US armed forces has disgruntled men in Iraq, a hell, as the media represents it and they havent committed any ‘similar’ scale massacres…there has been the humilitating Abu Ghraibe events and the Marines going for revenge in Hadifa however there are no tails of people making Ear Necklaces. I just cant image the combat stresses being any different, but the responce from the troops  of the ‘GTA’ generation as ‘Generation Kill’ would have us believe…is a universe apart (we are the disposable ADD generation) why are the new troops acting more mature then their 1960’s and 70’s predecessors.

Make up your own minds, im just not convinced that ‘Hell on Earth’ existed in the Nam…




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