Woke Up In Mid Afternoon….

24 08 2007

Well thats a lie, i got up at 7 and was shitting myself over the fax machine, which my mate brought round for me and i sent my ticket request off to the cunting uni. Why they couldnt do it over the phone still boggles the mind. While out test firing my G36C i noticed an invasion of ants again, thought they looked like fire ants (well the ones at the back of the house at least). Fighting ants is a bit like dealing with Xenomorphs, you have to deal with the queen, however, their are many of these shitting queens underground and you have to dig through layers of worker drones to get to the big bitch….give me either a power loader, Pulse Rifle or Sularko and ill bloody nuke the bastards….wait tis more like Starship troopers, that movie always leads me to say “Nuke’em Rico” whenever i use the microwave….maybe i should see a doctor over these mental little things….

Here’s Mrs Potters Lullaby for your musical needs. 





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