For the Inquistions eyes only…

1 09 2007

+++For Inquisitor Thoran’s Eyes Only+++

A major move by the ruinous powers in the Polanis Voltor Sector has been confirmed. After the Black Corsair incursion in the sector that was confronted by the White Scars (Two Weeks Ago (noted) at a heavy cost to one of the Imperium’s finest chapters, the chaos taint was thought to be contained, however on Polanis Voltor V, the Angels of Vigilance encountered the taint of Slaanesh. Once again the victory was costly as two whole Companies worth of supplies, men and equipment were thrown at the Black Tide. Pict Steals will be uploaded to the Lord Commander militants personal staff soon, however the fight rages on. This request is mainly for more Marine and Guard units to reinforce the battered and battle weary astartes that are holding the line. It seems that the Tyrant is determined to take this sector. 

+++Responce Pending+++

Units on route:- Elements of the Iron Snakes Chapter, 2nd and 3rd Celestial Lions and the Krieg MEU 2nd Battalion    




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