Memoirs of a Soldier

2 09 2007


My time with my ‘Unit’ during its first and last mission will stay with me  forever, they were the best of times and the worst of times, sorry to sound trite, but i cant think of the words to express the sheer ups and downs of a combat mission. The ‘Ghosts’; four, three man US Army Special Forces teams that took part in clandestine interdiction missions in the former Republic of Ukraine. Each three man team was on a rotation, A (alpha) through D (Delta) squads, aidding the ‘Rebel’ forces against a EU Coalition force. By the time of Operation HammerStrike, my unit (D Squad) was on rotation, with Elements of Delta, GB’s, MEU FR elements, Seal teams 8 through 10 and the newly adopted Tf 122…

The stage was set for a battle the world would never understand… 






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