A Bloody Face, However I’m Not Pissed Off About That….

9 09 2007

No, im pissed off with Karma, i really didnt believe that karma existed, however, on the dating scene it does, at least i think it does, and this disproves the theory that im not an asshole…i mean my friends dont think i was, maybe i wasnt, maybe i did the right thing for all parties involved instead of making a hole for a the sake of it and settling for it. I just got my hopes up with this one, and maybe i shouldnt have. Not right now at least, no steady job, really want to go back to uni, you cant believe how much i do, just to study and get away from the real horrible, money driven cunt empire, waiting for another soul to eat. Went airsofting today, really got into it, then as the numbers dropped every hit got a little more personal, and the dark didnt make it any better. The Guy in the garage today, you should not be left alone with a shop mate, you suck at counting and you owe me 1p, if Total Garages are reading this, the dude in the High Wycombe branch needs to be replaced, he was either stoned or stupid, or maybe both. Loving the Killzone Tech Demos from GC2007 atm, really getting inspired, hence 8 taped mags for the M4 lol. Right i’m filthy and i need a shower, busy week again, dentist tomorrow. Drinks later, Airsofting on Wed Thur, Working Fri, Job training Sat, rest on Sunday???




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