Am I The Only One Who Backs Petraeus…

11 09 2007

Screw what Bush thinks, Petraeus is the man on the ground. And as much as his career apparently rides on the job he does here, i dont think he’s the kind of man that would lie about what simply boils down to American Soldiers lives. Kerry is the ass-end of the spectrum when compared to man like Petraeus, so for this gimped up Vietnam vet who did his service to further a polictical career (that failed) in the future, everyone of his Purple Hearts sounded like a self inflicted wound to get to his  re-assignment stateside. What Congress dont seem to understand is that they are hurting the morale of the troops just as much as the IED’s and looming civil war. For America to back away from a situation that isnt like Vietnam (unification isnt what the people want, they want either Shi’a or Sunni government based on retribution, one side will get hurt whoever is in charge, democracy is a mockery in the Middle East and should be abandoned totally) would be irresponsible. Its America’s job now to see it through, and since their approach is worse then the hostile British attitude in Ireland during the years of IRA violence and events like ‘Bloody Sunday’ then they have to accept that it will take longer.

Just watch this video…

Basically, stop moaning, stop trying to further your careers and listen to the men on the ground. Come up with an exit stratergy which suits your approach, if you dont want to adjust your approach then it wont be as easy as it was in Basra. Sit down with the Iraqi government and talk fucking straight, hell talk to the people and just say…stop fucking killing yourselves…we (the American/ British occupiers) are trying to introduce a new culture (because proper Islam in Iraq really doesnt work), to re-educate you people to stop blowing each other up, we arent that great either, but cant you see that your backward clusterfuck of a country isnt any better as a capitalist (secular or Christian) nation. And Globalism isnt always the enemy, well its pretty nasty as it has to exploit someone. But ffs life is shit all round guys, blowing yourselves up isnt going to the make it better, and blowing up others who are just going about their days, trying to find some meaning, live for the moments….that aint right either. You had freedom, you looted, you had a democracy, you blew up some of the cabinet as they went for lunch. Now just wait till we’ve established an infrastructure that might survive in any rational society and then begin to tear it down.

(On a side note most Americans loot after a natural disaster, maybe its just human nature to exploit shite situations over and over so a minority can profit. SO how can you fight thousands of years of human development and our nature)

Basically i just hate John Kerry

He’s no Kennedy….who still fucking speaks truth from the grave…




One response

12 09 2007

I agree completely! If Congress would quit thinking they are knowledgable on the subject (when probably more than half haven’t even been to the front), and would start listening to the troops, then progress could really be made.

As a soldier (which I am not), it’s got to be pretty demoralizing to know that people are threatening to cut the funding and pulling you out before the mission is complete. I wonder how the pols would feel if their supporters pulled their funding and presence well before the pols were done with their work?

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