Internet Celebrities, Worse Then Real Celebrities?

12 09 2007

While listening to Radio One, I came across this name, Chris Crocker….

This is an example of his type of post on Youtube;

Believe me, i really didnt want to perpetuate the mini cult that has grown around him and give him more air time. However, Chris, and his drama rants have had well over 2 million views, he’s techincally a celebrity…But why, especially when he has no talent to entertain. But wait a sec, his ‘real’ rants (if their fake then he’s a genius at acting and should get an oscar) are still entertaining people, giving people something to write about. Word of mouth has travelled, and Chris is getting more ratings then your average TV episode of some crappy soap like ‘Eastenders’. But when did hammy acting become a talent. Why are we giving people like this a platform…simple, we need to be entertained, and culture atm is at rock bottom. 

Thank god modern media has perpetuated the myth of 15 minutes of fame (because this shit gets old quick and people move on) while simultaneously making it possible for more morons to get their fix of fame.




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