Waiting for stuff to happen…

13 09 2007

Sup everyone, i still cant believe how popular my little ‘virtual-rag’ is becoming. Either way, dont you just hate days were you know your doing something later, and you cant start anything else because you know you wont have time to finish it… So your stuck in a limbo trying to pass the time.

One of the things i do during the limbo is trying and keep in touch with the world…ie read the BBC news website. ATM its pretty boring stuff on their; ‘Pirbright Link’ to farm outbreak…yes thats right, the retarded disease ‘Foot and Mouth’ is back. Quite frankly, i dont care, now i know that sounds harsh, but im a veggie, i’m not a farmer or a fan of agricultural small holdings etc. Chancellor warns on consumer debt…great were all skint…Oh and why the fuck is Robert Mugabe still in power…are those people fucking nuts. Scotland beat France 1-0, wow what a score :/ now all the Claymore wielding Scots are talking about World Cup Glory after becoming European Champs…how about no, you got lucky everyone gets lucky once, see even England won 3-0 against a football team probably made up of ex-Spetznaz members, either way our gas is getting shut off in 3…2….1……..cold showers for all !!!

Still bored, going to go dig a hole somewhere and stick my head in it till 5.00 this afternoon, then im actually doing something.







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