Trust a lefty to find an answer to a military question.

14 09 2007

Very Very Very bored today, just listening to music waiting for my stuff in the post to arrive. While doing so i was searching a topic on wannabe about Urban Camo, now the US Army, Marine Corps, Navy or Airforce have never fielded an Urban camo design. There have been examples of experimental tests, and what i was looking for was one of these tests. I remember watching a program on BBC2, apparently the year was 1999. It was a joint exercise, MOUT Marine training in responce to situations that had occured in the early 1990’s. Mainly Somalia….I was looking for the name of the pattern of a special camo that i had seen. It took ages of google searching, but i found pics of it…


This pattern is called T-Pattern and its bloody rare, i also managed to find a video of the stuff in action, shame that the voice over is a raging pre-patriot act madman that spoils the whole thing…




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