Last of my energy…

15 09 2007

Most of my energy has been sapped from a team building exercise for freshers week today, full of hyper young go getters, im old and knackered, wait im 22, im not that old, wait, okay i feel like im bloody 30. Thought i met a Scottish sounding woman today who was just as cynical as i am, which was funny, no matter how brief, prolly never see her again, story of my life. Other people arent that interested in me either, or just pulling heart strings for a laugh, good old karma, still has a way of fucking me around, maybe third time lucky, knowing my luck third time dead more like. Im working at Uni on Monday and Wednesday, enroll on Tuesday, get pissed Tuesday night at the MA meeting, hope they arent all mature old students again. Hope is also needed to finish my job application, getting an interview would be nice as well. Tis the 15th, so ill finish it tomorrow and get it in on Monday, while guiding the next crop of undergraduate scum to the conscript depo. Seriously on Wednesday i have to pull 110 of the chavy/ rah rah bastards around the campus. Btw we all look like the dorky kind of student that is doing this for extra credit….just my luck.

Well fuck it, im off to see shoot’em up later tonight. Disturbia was very good last night, and btw im broke now WOOT.

Back to reading Eisenhorn as well, a great read. 




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