More MGS News (sort of) and Gundam 00

22 09 2007

Hello, beyond the melodrama of yesterdays post im going to maybe halt righting about things like that because its ultimately getting me down. So today i’ve been playing mercenaries on the Ps2, im on the last card mission i think. Its very hard though and have died three times; the game is in limbo right now as i right this. I’ve also been watching the MGS4 trailer again, this is about the 17th time now and ive got more captures… without the annoying watermark of say IGN or 1up….


The FROG’S are so far my favourite attempt at a boss unit in this game, i’m not really a fan of the Beauty and the Beast Corps as they are just a little too out there…the reason i probably like these dudes is the fact that they take the role as Tengu Guards. Now knowing that the Tengu Guards…(from MGS2) never really got a back story and just appeared, i hope the FROG’S get a little more. However, ED prolly gave them as much of a backstory as we’ll get, most of them appear to be female as well…

The PMC unit thats after Snake has a name now…Praying Mantis….they seem to be using the SCAR L’s and H’s with modern M60 Varients for heavy weapons.

As for Gundam 00, if you go to the website and scroll down the main characters you’ll find Lynn Minmay, im not even bullshitting, I dont like the character designs and the standard Zaku ripoff is looking a bit too clunky…It airs in October, i dont know if i will watch this one….first Gundam series that hasnt really done it for me, well aside from Turn A however i own that, just cant be arsed to watch it.




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