Dumped….The Final Frontier…

23 09 2007

Well i know i told you guys i would write about this…again…however i’ve just been dumped before it ever got started…awesome…the last time that happened it was done over a mobile PHONE! Epic, this time it was MSN…even more epic, thats one face to face, and two text message dumps….WHO DA MAN. Well im done with dating, really honestly, truely. I couldnt give a flying fuck anymore about going through all the hollywood bullshit. I’m tired of been the nice guy that gets screwed in the ass. If your a woman that reads this blog…jesus do you people even know what you want??? Cause i dont, and i dont think the male population of the world even knows.

I left this message with a friend….

i really dont care anymore, im so happy i could do a dance


Im not upset or anything, not bitter or conceited, i just realised, dating is utter shit and not for me

i am off the market for good 

And thats true and honest, unlike dating 😀




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