Grrr, The Wrong Choice…

26 09 2007

And now it just smacks of a fucking mistake, im sry to all the people that read my blog atm, its just a fucking painful mess with no clarity. But then again why am i complaining, you guys have some morbid obsession with how crap my life is going for the time being. So yes an update. Its Wednesday, it seems that Wednesday, as mentioned before has taken over my crap day a week slot, Tuesdays arent too bad now… Either way its becoming blatent to me that things are going tits up…My ‘Dream’ is not close to reality, if it was then shit would be happening for me, however im still freaking unemployed; Jobs are falling through my hands…and the woman alludes me…but am i really in a position for a relationship, i mean i have a routine that is really just centered around me for the next 4 years; stuck in the same city for another 2 years, maybe more…The only upside too today was my mate getting me a copy of Ghostbusters 1+2 on DVD, thx mate thats prolly the best 7 quid you’ve ever spent on me 😀 

I’m about 3 quarters of the way through Eisenhorn, however i want to pic up the Sabbat stuff, again i need money. Airsofting on Saturday, i need to re-charge my batteries…thats a mental note…




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