Is there such a thing as having your cake and being able to eat it?

29 09 2007

First off, a rant;

Ollie ‘Fucking’ Barder. Otherwise known as my biggest arch nemisis (next to NEO Magazine (sry Matt :O ). This guy should bloody rot, i cant believe magazines give his opinion (which is largely based on other peoples views as he has no real soul and just wants remain cool in the eyes of those Wapanese fucktards that came onto the British Anime Scene in 2001) any credence. To be fair my rebuttal (back in the day) was contrived, however, it still stands Mr Barder! Dont secretly love something then loathe it and bad mouth it to the general press just to fit in, your a fucking nerd, admitt it Ollie, it does sting does it? Deal with your love of Mecha and stop slating it and its fans. I’m glad you write for the Guardian now, proves how much of a sandle wearing lefty scum bag you really are…go sip on your Starbucks and Listen to your Nano you rat faced fuck…

 In other news, things are getting sorted…slowly




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