A Recovery of Sorts… :/

6 10 2007

Well i like to think so at least, or maybe just letting it settle under the surface for a while. Had a really bad Friday in retrospect, should have gone out, had a really interesting conversation which involved me being considered mentally insane for not wanting to drive. Not only can i not afford it but i dont like handing my life out to those nutter on the road, im confident that with the right skill id be able to drive a car, but i wouldnt be able to deal with all the other retards, speeding around me, i know my reactions, they are very slow. Either way that convesation was a real eyes wide open moment in the fact that i didnt like been spoken at, nor that what i want was with that particular person. I’m done with the chasing on that front, and ill only go on a date if she engages it, tbh i dont think thats going to happen and if i do go im taking back up. All i can see is being a failure of epic size, i doubt im her type, i dont ride horses or play polo, or do anything ‘interesting’ probably in her eyes, thats fine by me tho, im not an Oxford Uni student and im not a country side toff, im also not a mug or a door mat, that and i still have some pride left that hasnt been beaten out of me by the likes of this….

Sometimes Dreams Arent Ment To Be….Or Sometimes There Really Nightmares…




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