Oh Dear, The Media Battle Has Begun!

10 10 2007

Apparently my blog has come up in a search term; second battle group glenn swallow. Thats right apparently people find my opinion next to the two extremes, the Telegraph and David Irvings own retarded website…Real History or Action Report…I find that quite funny coming from someone who denies the holocaust, grow up David, we know you manipulate facts to serve a purpose. However, it seems that the Telegraph has a few more sources of re-enactors being part of Right Wing Movements across europe, this alarmed me a little more to be honest then Glenn Swallow, however both these articles have to stand from bias view points. Sweeney has the PC society to write for and Irving has extremist to make happy, here is an idea, why dont both of you leave the field of battle and dont drag re-enactors into your silly retarded political hot potato matches, no one is interested in your political point scoring…

 Oh wait yes they are, just like Gun crime managed to make a scapegoat out of Airsofters…now they are trying to do the same again by apparently moving for regulations on re-enactors. However, stop reading this and read some of the comments left by the SBG, they do speak volumes about the lack of research done by the journalist in question, but, Irving, dont milk one reporters stupidty as a victory for your poor and horrible research.  




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