The Day You Notice Your Not The Same As Everyone Else…

13 10 2007

God, really, i dont understand this world anymore. I get on the bus, its full of people that all look and smell the same. However, i did stink today, mainly because the shower was putting out cold water… Today was open day, at uni, my god, not only were the next up and coming uni students annoying, but so were the current ones…I’m talking about the ‘Blue Shirts’ the ones the get paid more then i do, to do practically the same job as me. I guess they didnt like me putting badges all over my mate Dan’s back, however, it was our lunch break. Rob, superior smug git that he is (this is another story for another time) bollocked me for the lol’s we were having. Pete and Pete has lessons for us all by the way, but i guess watching it at 2.00 Am wasnt the best idea, as i was knackered. I’m not doing open days again.

 That and i ate a load of blue tac because i was bored. Now im hungry….

Part 2. After food the experience of the obvious was coming back to haunt me, back to normality, i dont mind the old routine, but it was fun while it lasted. Resident Evil 3 was shite. The End, Good Luck England, however like my day…were probably fucked. Spite still governs my actions 




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