Good Evening, I’ve Been Expecting you…

16 10 2007

Seems like some unscrupulous gits form my old clan have found and posted about my blog on their shout box, thx for the links guys, I’m nearly up to 400 readers, and while you ask how sad it is for me to chronicle the sad little events in my life, take a step back and realise…Your wasting your own time reading it! Which I find infinitely more sad then me writing about it. Today was research with the internet at Uni, Jesus HT Christ, what do they think we’ve been doing as undergrads? Oh wait drinking and passing out…that’s right. Aside from that I’ve been playing Call of Duty 4 again on a 6100, I still find that fact very funny…since its 5 cards out of date, however I have to run it in awfully shit mode but its still fun to play…screw the competitive multiplayer side I cant be arsed running around with those cock gobblers again…

 Edit; and now that i have a new readership, cock gobblers wasnt refering to my clan mates but rather everyone else on the internet playing FPS…happy?




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