A Bit Meh…

19 10 2007

I have a job interview soon, someone apparently said i’m “selling out to the man” or being a “conformist”, well the ‘conformists’ still need to earn the cheese… As for everything else, it gradually fell apart as expected, i can really enforce a negative experience it seems. Others make mountains out of mole hills, and should really leave alone, especially when im not bothering anymore. It was nice when it lasted, however people should move on, and i dont have time anymore for what we did for 2years, sad because a strong gaming community that was built with friends in mind fell apart. Mickey Blue eyes is on Channel 4….again, seriously, its one of the few Grant movies i dont hurl vomitt at, however its been over played a little too much. Dead air needs filling i guess. Very much into reading about the fallscrimjager atm, especially since the DOD server i play on: www.Fourwitches.com had British vs Fallschrimjager MOD for a short time, but the public moaned and it got removed for the regular models, tad shame because i miss my FG42;


I have also been watching a propaganda piece about their invasion of Crete…

What this video fails to mention is devestating loses the Fallschrimjager suffered during the invasion…The footage kind makes me want to buy Opposing Fronts, which i will, hopefully with my first new paycheck…that’s if i get the job, here’s a screen shot;


These guys in turn got me thinking again about the Elysian Drop Troops, then i found that Palli’s mod for Dawn of War has come to a swift end and i was rather annoyed to say the least, as no one as offered to finish his brilliant work in progress… here was his last post

Dear Elysian Fans,I got bad news, the mod is dead. It can’t be more dead than it is now. A lightning has hit my pc, it came down through the LAN connection. It fried the pc and I have lost a hard drive to it with all the elysian source files. No backup. Night Shift is safe. This happened more than 3 months ago. I didn’t have the heart to make the announcement until now. I still have the mod itself, the luas, rgd, whm, whe, fx, but not the 3dsmax biped source anims. I tried extracting the anims using the Santos tools, but those aren’t files I can properly work with. Others at the warranty service have tried to to recover the data from the hdd too…but no luck. Although this is new information to the community, for me it has happened over 3 months ago….I’m quite over it now, hope you will be over it too. I will be concentrating on Night Shift from now on and when it is finished, we can perhaps revive the Squat mod. With news about the new expansion: Soulstorm could prolong the life of the community, so it seems that (re)starting another race mod may be worth my time. This thread should be alive for a couple more days, so that we can cry into the same bucket, but then I’ll ask the moderators to lock this place of sorrow. Thank you everyone for your participation, your time, your ideas, your enthusiasm.

Thank you,

He’s right about Soulstorm tho, if anything this has to provide a little life into a dying beast, i was expecting DOW 2, not a mod, especially not the Dark Eldar which no one really cares about, i guess it will be something kill for IG and Space Marine players. I wonder if they will do Nids tho, especially since Relic isnt the major force behind this project and its been sourced to the third party developers…oh btw here is some Elysian history

Elysian Drop Troopers

The Elysian Drop Troopers are known for the rapid deployment capabilities using Airborne Troop Carriers called Valkyries, and either rappel down ropes or use grav-chutes at high altitudes. These troops have deep strike capability, and can use mortars, rocket launchers, and heavy bolters like any other Guard troopers. Unfortunately, they must sacrifice the heavy vehicle support that most other regiments field. Their lack of heavy armor is made up for by their use of valkyres and Vultures which can provide close air support. They can utilize Sentinels and Cyclops demolitions vehicles modified to survive a combat drop, but that is usually the extent of their armoured capabilities. They also have access to specially modified Tarantula Sentry Turrets which have been fitted with grav chutes for rapid deployment. The Elysian Drop Troopers are known to have fought in the 3rd Armageddon War and the Taros Campaign.

These troops are based on multiple paratrooper inspirations, ranging from modern day parachute troops and air cavalry units to futuristic drop troops such as the Mobile Infantry from Starship Troopers.

Forge World has released a line of resin models for the Elysians for their new Taros Campaign, a conflict between the Imperium and the Tau. The Elysians were a major focus of the Imperial Armour III and Imperial Armour IV rules supplements published by Forge World (Games Workshop, 2005,2006).

Notable Regiments:

  • 23rd Elysian Regiment – The 3200-man regiment was totally destroyed during a three day battle behind enemy lines during the latter stages of the Taros Campaign, in a battle which seems inspired by the experience of the British 1st Airborne Division in Operation Market-Garden.
  • Detachment D-99 of the 99th Elysian Drop Troop Regiment. The veteran detachment assigned to the investigation and cleansing of Beta-Anphelion IV. D-99 consisted of a Company Command section, four drop infantry platoons, four drop Sentinel squadrons and an Imperial Navy attack squadron. All personnel were KIA before they could be evacuated.

drop1.gif Here is one trooper packing a Combat Shotgun….




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