Knowing you’ve handed in a piece of shit…

29 10 2007

Here is my book review….it sucks enjoy

 Note To Anyone Who Finds This Post From The University, I’am The Author PM Me For My Student No

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Book Review 

Sir John Wheeler Bennett’s The Nemesis of Power: The German Army in Politics 1918-1945 was originally published in 1953. It has been revised once by the author in 1964 and the current edition which was published in 2005 comes with an almost biographical forward written by Professor Richard Overy of Exeter University. The book has garnered numerous amounts of praise from the academic community over the course of time and is widely considered to be Wheeler Bennett’s greatest contribution. As the books subtitle suggests, Wheeler-Bennett’s work chronicles the German Army (from the formation as the Reichswehr and into the days of the Wehrmacht) and its ill fated foray into political world of the Weimar republic, which resulted in the destabilization of democracy and the growth of the NSDAP and Adolf Hitler. The book carefully chronicles the important factors in this disastrous decent from grace and alludes to the overall consensus that the Prussian Officer Corps knowingly worked to supersede the democratic intentions and institutions imposed on the nation by the triumphant allies at the end of the First World War, purely to return Germany to a conservative, monarchist and militarized society. The research presented to us clearly leads the reader down the same dark path of intrigue that the Officer corps embarked on, firstly under the watchful gaze of the venerable Hans von Seeckt, a man who worked mysteriously with the Weimar government, both aiding the institution when it suited his own agenda and also hindering it by acting like a bystander in events like the Kapp Putsch of 1920….

 In the end i have just put the intro incase there is some trouble from the uni for being silly or something about the essay.




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