As I Write…

6 11 2007

Hello, i havent given this place a proper update in a few days, i had my mad capsule music day on Saturday and that was about it.

 Now back to reality; I didnt get the job that i was going for, apparently i lacked the experience, great i cant get experience to do the job so how could I gain more experience when i cant get on an entry level thing without experience, this makes fuck all sense to me and im a little confused, however i was suprised that i didnt get it, swings and round-about as i didnt fail my book review, tbh im glad id rather have not got the job then fail the review, priority still firmly rests with the education atm, and i probably wouldnt have been able to time manage the two. However, im still skint, and thats a right pisser when its a pound a pint week at uni, eggy fosters ftw it seems, as i type this im also fucking starving, the lunch time rush on Tuesday seems to eat everything of merit and leaves a truck load of Egg and Cress behind, dont they realise that no one wants to eat egg and cress? Thats why its constantly the one left behind… I have a Skirmish on Sat, and i was supposed to be going out on this ‘getting to know the rest of hunmanity night out’ however plans have changed so we shall see what happens with regards to that. I have some pics to upload but since im at a uni terminal i have fuck all way of uploading, its my attempt to replicate the Weekend In the City art by Bloc Party, i rather like them, havent seen them in larger versions so the textures might look shit, a 2.0 megapixel camera is a bit gash really.

Bye Bye




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