Not getting paid for this…

15 11 2007

Which is a shame, and probably why i don’t care about updating it as much, nothing is really hard to write about, sure stuff is happening, bought COD 4 played it to death, got a 2.1 on an essay, bought some new pouches to finally finish a load out, even tho i cant afford it. Had a really good day airsofting on the Saturday gone, still have not found a job and don’t really like the temp agency i signed up with. Christmas is approaching and im already fed up of the adverts, especially the Supermarket ones, got in contact with someone again but its probably just going to be a friends type situation ¬_¬ Loving studio 60 as usual, its really well written stuff that makes me chuckle, that and Gordon Ramsey, people may think hes a tool, but i still think hes rather passionate about people that ask for help, and he appears to make good food that makes you feel hungry, which isnt a good thing at 9-10 at night. Trying to work out a days worth of gaming with a friend, before we see American Gangster were going to iron out the details.

Foo fighters on Sunday!!

Kanye Wests new album is good, however he has to come up with some new lyrics one day lol

The song for this is Overture/ Sinister Rouge by Bad Religion…epic




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