Sooo much to say, well not really…

23 11 2007

Just the title of a Dave Matthews band song im listening to, tomorrow is Urban assault, i hope it goes well but like all things you look forward to, it will without a doubt turn out shite. Still no job, so i’ve been playing Call of Duty 4 online, and my god its like crack its that more’ish, im ranked a 36-37 Lt. Col which is pretty good for 3 days of play i find, however its easy to do because the game shits points for the most trivial things, like falling to your death…wtf. I was messing about with youtube last night and i found the marketing for Halo 3, now i dont like the game because as much as the hype sells it, its just a lot of grey buildings and sterile combat, Bungie games managed to pull a coup with Halo because its design engine is exactly the same Oni, well at least there was a shit load of grey in Halo 1 and , apparently 3 has a forest but i dont care, what i did care about was the way they presented the game….in ads at least, i love fictional history, were people try and build a world with alternate history and tiny, tiny details…so i loved this adverts

Now you may think its just horrible bs, and it does paint Master Chief as a fucking saint, however these just remind me of Vet interviews from World War II, they are quite touching in a way, and interesting to watch. I also found their landfall video which i must have been under a rock not to see, its pretty good, and the acting isnt too hammy;

And finally doesnt this;

Remind you of Jake and Dinos Chapman’s ‘Hell’, it does me lol, btw its funny if you put classical music to any battle scene, millions of people will think its cool, and will then demand a source for it, they get it, then it becomes popular because they add their own mental images to it while its being played, probably of Halo 3, but it begins the cycle again, then everyone will forget it till the next epic advert.

However Halo and Microsoft and Bungie make the fatal error yet again in games design, they made it all about one man, and then gave Master Chief, who you play, a name, big mistake, in remaining nameless we could have felt some connection with the character we played, however he became butch, stupid and a token one liner…this could have been an epic tale of humanities struggle, however it turned into a Cheap ‘Aliens’ Knock off, that’s why i dont like it…shit here come the 360 fanboys!!!!




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