18 12 2007

That’s right ladies and gents, the voice that no one really listens to is back! Well not really, i have some free time it seems to rant out another truck load of bollocks, well when i say truck load i mean Ford Transit van full, actually probably more like a cups worth, either way i have a job…gasp…and omg…wait no i cant say anything, nothing nice, nothing horrible…hahaha you thought you’d be able to trick me again into voicing my opinions on the work place…nope, i have nothing for you, the truth of the matter is its not bad, i vaguely know what i’m doing and its low responcibility and good money, and the people are fairly friendly. As for everything else, im probably going to hand in another average essay, or who knows i might actually fail this one…

Oh and COD 4…


Im epic…your probably not, so blow me




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