This year in review

22 12 2007

I’ve been biting at the bit to write this, and get it out of the way, since i havent updated this shit recently. Well this year, well it was shit really, lets get some of the good stuff out if the way, i quit waitrose, graduated and i got to lvl 55 on COD 4. Now the bad, i was in a shit relationship for all of two weeks thank fook, i dont have a massive source of income and im flat broke, still at home, no real relationship on the go and i have to write a shitty essay over christmas. I’m giving off the wrong impression here tho arent i, its not as bad as it seems, there is still room for change, and i have a fantastic grey monkey hat thingy sitting on my head, that and i saw the foo fighters last month, see another high light i had forgotten about, you see its not bad, its just not epic anymore. My friends are all doing well which is a good thing at least, but even them, one lost a job but found the love of his life, what an example. I still have some days left in 2007, we shall see how it goes. 




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