Oh…what a night…!!!111one

25 12 2007

Well im still slightly hung over and can feel the shots of jaeger in my stomach, so merry crimbo, last night was the weirdest mothering fucking crimbo eve ever, just running into everyone from the past. Like, i mean everyone, the people you wanted to forget, the people that you kinda missed…Well there was booze flowing, i spoke to someone i had a crush on back in the day and they had forgotten that i’d gone to the same school as them…lol go figures however she did say she remembered me as the brainey one whatever that means, i was fucking dense as mud bricks, hope the advice i dished out wasnt too harsh, oh and Shaun Kitson, if you ever read this you are an utter twat…thank you and good night

 P.S the msn conversation with my mate in Lincoln and my other mates in Belgium was too funny, good to speak to you again Alex.. 😀




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