2007-2008 So much past inside my present…

26 01 2008

Well a few friends have wondered when i was going to update this year, tbh i have had a lot to do, i have a job as you guys know, its up and down with hours etc, atm its almost full time so that leaves fuck all time to do anything, i have been wanting to write about lots of things…the stock market slumps, shit weather and flooding, music and who knows what else, but most of what was in my head has gone. So how is 2008 shaping up personally, i dont know to be sure, its moving slower and thats a good thing, im starting to enjoy the moments, and the travel, even tho its the same route, Cowley, Oxford, its still a city, and the amount of characters you see about the place, makes you stop and notice…I have started taking more photos of the city, the sky, trees, and the street lights when they come on at 3.30, so pissing weird that, daylight saving and all. I think im growing up in my outlook, slightly, i recognise things have to change, and i have to start adapting to the 9-5, being better with my spending habits…dont let it burn a hole in my pocket etc. Looking forward to my mates birthday bash soon….first weekend in feb, also looking forward to blowing shit up tomorrow…




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