Its been a long road…

2 03 2008

…getting from there to here, I’m pretty unsure of whats going on these days and im just rolling with whatever comes, however i dont like how uncertain these times are, or knowing someone very important to you just doesnt believe how serious you feel. Was supposed to go softing today, and we did go, but when we got to the site we found it was empty…the game was yesterday, well there was one guy there for some reason he had the dates and still turned up to the wrong one…berk. 

So we went to Reading, and fuck me there is nothing there anymore seriously, its boring, its lost all its character, we were going to go to Oxford however i was falling asleep in the car, so i suggested we cut our losses…I dont have work for a long time now, so its time to catch up with University work. Ordered a Marconi PRR radio and that set me back 15 quid, another part added to the kit list, also hope my mate hasnt sent his Oakley gloves back…so high speed. Speaking of Brits i need to finish watching Ross Kemp in Afghanistan


Me in gear….ill update a better blog entry later i just thought it was time for an update




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