Getting on with it…

30 03 2008

There comes a point when you realize how stupid things have become, merely through booze i discovered this, I stayed drunk most of yesterday to combat the hangover and spent most of the night with good ‘old’ friends chatting things through, having some intellectual conversation with an American anthropology student, who was going out with another old friend. Wish i could have sat through more of it, but i needed my smokes.

People are trying to set things in motion for me, its not as if im not grateful, but im not in a place were i can make that kind of choice. I have to see how other things ive started finish…I have to decide which part of feng shui i should follow in regards to sleeping…I have to fix some relationships as they are strained and not normal any more.

I have to ultimately do some uni work which i keep putting off. And i have to distance myself from some who i should never have really put faith in from the beginning, its always reassuring to be told by others that someone is weird and you aint wrong in doubting them.

Might go for a run tomorrow to clear my head…




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