23 04 2008

Life is getting back to normality after three months of heart ache and pointless-ness. Managed to pull a passing grade out of my arse for a presentation put together in 4 days, im proud of that, now imagine what i could have done without distraction and horror. And after all this one must ask…with friends like this who needs enemies? Seriously i’ve never felt so down in all my life like this. Good music is a cure, and good friendships, not the flakes, the liars and cheats (“took advice from the wrong shoulder” to quote Audioslave). Street Kings tonight, after ive been to Reading with a mate for a chat and a beer… I’m doing something tomorrow, cant remember what, i think cinema again and then Sennybridge to punch a twat in the nose, if i still feel like it…Its going to be a good weekend… either way 😀 





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